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Rising Chinese Star KUN Is Ready Take Over the Western Market

East Asian pop singers seem to be held to a higher standard than their western counterparts, and KUN is no exception. Cai Xukun, better known by his stage name, KUN, is a lot of things.

Not only is he a singer, but he’s also a rapper, dancer, songwriter and philanthropist. At just 20 years old, KUN has managed to break countless records in his homeland of China and successfully cross over into other global markets. Now, fresh off a sold-out North American and UK tour, this C-Pop idol might be ready to give K-Pop artists like BTS a run for their money.

First of all, congratulations on your SOLD-OUT North American and UK tour. That’s a pretty big accomplishment. How are you feeling about that?

Thank you so much! I had put many, many hours of work into mixing for my DJ set and creating the visual elements. It was an awesome experience for me.

You’re just 20 years old, and your rise to fame has been pretty quick. How do you stay focused and motivated to keep doing better? I think a lot of people in your position would be happy to stay right where they are.

I’m doing the thing I love to do. I always remember who I am and where I first came from.

In general, it’s been pretty tough for East Asian artists to break into the Western market, but with the rise in popularity of K-Pop artists like BTS, that might be changing. Did you have any apprehensions about crossing over to the West?

Not really, because in my opinion, music is always the best language or bridge between every country. If your music is good, you’ll be able to communicate to any audience anywhere in the world.

I really enjoy the R&B influence you have. Who are some of your biggest influences, musically?

There are a lot of musicians and artists that I really admire. Yet, I won’t say there’s any specific person who influences me the most. As far as music aspect, I am a big fan of the bands in the past, such as Queen, Nirvana, and The Beatles.


You seem to be very involved with all of your work; most of your songs are completely written and produced by you. Why do you make it a point to write your own songs when you could easily get away with having someone else do all the “hard” work?

I want every piece of my work to have my own soul and spirit in it. To me, singing and performing work written by others can feel really different from my own. I feel more like myself and enjoy more when I’m performing my own work.

In addition to being an entertainer, you’re also a pretty active philanthropist. Why do you go out of your way to give back so much?

I think I should pass the love and concern I receive from the public on to people who need help. I started joining charitable activities with my family when I was young. I want to provide those people who surround me with positive thoughts and energy, try to help them as much as I can, because I have the ability now.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to your American fans? You seem to have a really supportive fanbase (and a good relationship with them), and honestly I just want to give you a space to talk to them here!

I really appreciate everyone who came and enjoyed the show with me. We made special and beautiful memories together. This is only the first chapter, and I believe there will be many more adventures and journeys for us to experience together!

Featured Image: EMPIRE (on behalf of KUN / EMPIRE)

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