Charli XCX Lizzo Blame It On Your Love

Charli XCX and Lizzo Bring on the Girl Power With Their Collaboration “Blame It on Your Love”

Girl power is in season! The music industry has been overflowing with amazing female talent lately, and guess what that leads to. Collabs! There is nothing we love more than two powerful women teaming up to drop a hot track. This time we have British pop sensation Charli XCX featuring America’s latest female rapper/singer at the top of the game, Lizzo. On May 15, the two released “Blame It On Your Love,” and we just can’t get enough of it.

“Blame It On Your Love” is catchy, fun, and light. We think it can easily become one of this summer’s top hit songs, especially with these two powerhouses. Production for the track is soft with a fun beat. We even hear added electro-pop effects and instrumentation between verses.

Charli has a knack for creating relatable, danceable songs that, which have traditionally included a hint of nostalgia. “Blame It On Your Love” sticks to this formula and definitely doesn’t disappoint. The only thing it’s missing is more Lizzo (her feature is only 20 seconds).

Lyrically, “Blame It On Your Love” is all too relatable. Charli sings about being scared of getting too close in a relationship because she thinks she will mess things up. The song says a lot about modern dating. Whether it is lack of communication or insecurities holding us back, Charli shows that we are not the only people scared of making mistakes.

Meanwhile, Lizzo’s verse adds some confidence to Charli’s more timid point of view. Lizzo is more confident knowing the guy in question has a crush on her, but she wants to make him work for it.

Basically, “Blame It On Your Love” is the perfect blend of fun, flirty, and feels. With two of our favorite game-changing females in the industry, this collaboration is perfect for 2019. Charli was genius to blend genres with the Lizzo feature, as both artists seem to have a command of the charts. And as always, we love seeing women support women. You can support them too by having a listen (or 100) to “Blame It On Your Love” below.

Featured Image: Instagram (@charli_xcx)

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