Foals Get Colorful in “In Degrees” Music Video

The Foals bring the party to Brazil in their new music video for “In Degrees.” The song is from their most recent album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1. The video, shot on location in Sao Paulo, was directed by Aaron Brown.

The video focuses on the band performing the song, at first in an open-air amphitheater, before switching to performing in a dark, neon jungle. The group is also joined by fans rushing into the amphitheater during the first chorus. The dance-inspired track naturally features dancing in its accompanying video.

The video is beautifully saturated with color. Shots of the band are occasionally broken up by vibrant red plants, an homage to the album cover of Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1. The scenes in the neon jungle are stunning, with the band surrounded by fog, neon lights, and foliage. David Gibbons is the artist behind the vibrant color choices and Ethos Studios created the visual effects.

Slow-panning shots are frequent throughout the video, making it feel as though time has slowed down. The band’s performance, during which they mostly remain stationary, adds to the effect. The slow-motion dancing enhances the track as a timeless, dance track for the modern world. Transitions between sets are seamless, matching the effortless flow of the song itself.

We particularly enjoyed the closing verse, during which the track speeds up and builds in anticipation. The cinematography also speeds up as it transitions between sets. It becomes a frenzy of different shots before abruptly finishing just as the band does.

“In Degrees” does what, to us, every great music video should do. It matches the feeling of the song, enhancing the listening and viewing experience. The visuals in the video capture the essence of the Foals. They write thought-provoking music while being able to make people dance.

Check out the music video for “In Degrees” below!

Credit: Featured Image: Warner Bros. Records