K-Pop Boy Band Winner Kicks off Summer With New Ep We

Inner Circle! Winner is back with a new EP. WE contains five new tracks including single “Ah Yeah” as well as a remix of their hit “Everyday.”

In “Ah Yeah,” the K-pop quartet isn’t just contemplating a breakup. They completely want you out of their life. Although, it’s not all bad as they decided to serve up a summery pop-rock song backed by guitar riffs and an electro-pop beat similar to their previous single “Millions.”

The infectious titular hook of “Ah yeah yeah yeah yeah,” will no doubt be ringing in your ears for days to come.

Main vocalist Yoon co-produced the track and co-wrote lyrics with rappers Mino and Hoony.

“Not every breakup has to be painful, or give you such a hard time. We got a fun tempo for you to enjoy,” Yoon explains. “It’s a song about a breakup, but with Winner’s bright energy.”

The song even has a vibrant music video to match. It’s very much characteristic of the group’s more recent laid-back style, fully embracing the fun and quirky sides of themselves.

With colorful and juvenile sets such as a video game cafe and movie theater, the visual concept brings out a playful vibe to the otherwise harsh breakup song.

The second track “Zoo” contains clever lyrics that compare human emotions and behavior, such as love, to that of animals.

“No no no I’m not your puppy // No no no I’m not your dolphin // No no no I’m your darling // This is an animal kingdom,” raps Mino.

“Mola” is a standout track on the EP and an early fan favorite. The group is tired of a girl playing hard to get. The thumping, electro-pop production makes what sets the song apart from others.

“Boom” is a song about saying goodbyes, but yet, they’ve managed to turn the sad song into your next favorite workout track.

The last track, “First Love,” is the only ballad on the album. Although Jinu‘s vocals are sweet and smooth, the lyrics contain your typical heartbreak tropes, and to be completely honest, we’ve heard better slow jams from the group.

Traditionally, the boy band has taken risks and explored different genres when it comes to their musical journey, while still managing to retain their unique color and sound. This can be noted by the sometimes promiscuous and relaxed route they’ve generally taken when it comes to their music videos and performances (compared to the standard choreograph-heavy and serious nature of other K-pop groups). Their versatility continues on We, and we believe the songs will remain a staple through the summer.

Listen to We here:

Featured Photo: YG Entertainment