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Two Door Cinema Club Experiments With New Electro-Pop Sound in “Dirty Air”

Two Door Cinema Club is here and ready to dance. Their newest single, “Dirty Air,” is the latest release from forthcoming album False Alarm. The track is a disco-inspired extravaganza, leading their fans straight into a new era for the alt-rockers.

Following the intensely club-sounding “Talk” and computer rock “Satellite,” “Dirty Air” is a refreshing dance tune. Two Door Cinema Club has always stuck with upbeat, alternative records, but now, the group seems to be pushing towards an electro-pop direction. We aren’t complaining.

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“Dirty Air” is jam-packed with high energy guitar grooves—not to mention the radical 80s-inspired synth loops that open the track. The band seems to have found an exciting new flow with “Dirty Air.”

“I gave myself to the city, I wanna breathe dirty air // I got myself real pretty, I fixed up my hair,” Alex Trimble sings in the opening. The song then continues to explore the vibrant story of city nightlife.

“Everyone’s watching like nobody cares // The queen of fashion, ahead of her time // Whatever happens, the pleasure is mine,” he continues in the chorus. A carefree, dance energy radiates through these lyrics. They’re almost reminiscent of the bombastic Bowie.


The young Irish rockers seem to be taking a cue to push themselves into this more cross-genre electro-pop movement reminiscent of the 80s and the electronic glam that moved it. Two Door Cinema Club is here to push modern alt forward and into a fun, disco direction.

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