Roseburg Is Ready to Take Over With New Single “Be Good”

Are you looking to get into some up-and-coming artists with killer new music? Well, we have the perfect band for you! When four young guys team up and start making music, you get something like the Utah-based band Roseburg. Formed in 2018, singer Zach Knell, guitarist Sam Sheppard, drummer Keith Lambson and bassist Soren Buchert have been working hard to provide their growing fanbase with consistent new music.

On Saturday, the band dropped their newest single, “Be Good,” which has since earned them a lot of attention, all of which is definitely well deserved. Even Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens has taken to social media to hype up these boys. He’s become somewhat of a mentor to the band, and his influence can definitely be heard in their music.

The track itself is unique to Roseburg while still keeping an obvious punk flare. The single almost has a Twenty One Pilots vibe to it because of how it changes tempos throughout the song, but with less of Twenty One Pilots’ edge and more of Roseburg’s rock. Knell has the perfect voice for the genre of music they’re writing, and the rest of the band follows suit with just the right instrumentals to make the entire song work.

“Be Good” is the lead single off their debut album, Righteous Punk, which is set to be released in fall 2019. If you fall in love with Roseburg from this song alone and don’t want to wait to hear more from them, don’t worry! They have an entire EP, Heaven Vs. Hollywood, for fans to listen to beforehand.

While their fanbase may be small for the time being, they’re dedicated. Equally as dedicated is the band itself, which is why Roseburg won’t remain small for long. The future is bright for this band, so make sure you check them out before they become the next big thing.

Featured Image: Instagram (@roseburgband)