Jon Bellion Salutes Miike Snow in “Heart is Full” Cover

This week Jon Bellion was the feature of Spotify’s Under Cover podcast. Although popular, Bellion feels that he is a little further from the spotlight. “I love being the most unknown known person,” he stated at the beginning of the episode.

Bellion continues to discuss how he wants to make “wicked shit,” like the music he grew up on. Sitting in the car, he listened and sang along to Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles with his mom. He says it’s hard to really find music that can make a lasting impression like that anymore.

Speaking of covers, the rapper has a bit of a bitter taste for them. Not knowing exactly how to get his own music off the ground, he made covers of top 40s on YouTube just to start his platform.

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But he doesn’t knock the art of the cover. Bellion states that he “wants to inform people of good stuff that they might have never heard of,” while also mentioning that Miike Snow has been a huge influence in his career. As Miike Snow fans ourselves, their electro-indie sound is intoxicating and something everyone should really take a listen to once in a while.

Bellion continues to discuss other heroes of his like Mark Ronson, who also helped on some Miike Snow tracks. The “All Time Low” singer feels that if he has a platform, he should use it to educate people on the musicians and producers he idolizes.

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He decided to cover “Heart is Full” essentially because the lead singer, Andrew, “is an absolute animal,” Bellion claimed. Being able to make his own version of the original track that he enjoyed on top of Mark Ronson’s remake, which he also loved, was a “wicked” opportunity for him.

The cover itself has a John Mayer stripped down vibe to it, while Bellion’s ‘naked vocal’ sits brightly above everything else. He makes it something quite his own. The original is sample heavy, but Bellion gives it a soulful pop revival.

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