Lauv Addresses Mental Health in Latest Single “Sad Forever”

Lauv is back with a brand new single, and it’s probably his realest one yet. The “I Like Me Better” singer opens up in his latest single, “Sad Forever,” about his struggles with depression and OCD and how he hopes to “wake up and realize everything’s gonna be okay.”

After listening to this track, it is very clear that Lauv poured a lot of emotion out into this song. “Sad Forever” is one of those songs where the lyrics hit you right in your feelings but has a beat to it that still makes you wanna bop your head.

We think it is really important that Lauv is opening up about the importance of mental health awareness and believe it is a very important topic in today’s society. Lauv had even mentioned that all of the proceeds from the song will be donated to organizations that are working to end the stigma around mental health.


In addition to the song’s release, Lauv also dropped a music video. The “Sad Forever” music video is very simplistic and shows Lauv performing the song for the very first time at one of his shows in Manila, Philippines. There is also a text that appears and reveals that Lauv had finished the song while on the flight to the gig and decided to play it that same day.

The visual also details the struggles that Lauv went through while writing the track. The singer mentions how he realized that help and medication was not something to be afraid of, and sometimes, it is OK to seek help to feel better. Overall, we really love this track and think it has an amazing message and highly recommend you check it out. Be sure to leave a comment or tweet us @soundigest and let us know your thoughts on Lauv’s newest single!

Featured Image: AWAL

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