Kiana Ledé Rekindles Old Feelings in Single “Can I”

R&B singer Kiana Ledé has a very special gift. Regardless of the time or place, her music can put you directly into your feelings. Although Ledé is only 22, she carries a great amount of wisdom in her voice when it comes to her soulful love songs.

Her discography covers all the bases of coping with a breakup, including remorse, reflection, regret and acceptance. Her new single “Can I” takes on a similar approach to Ledé’s breakthrough single “EX,” where she admits that her unsettling feelings about a previous relationship have made her completely infatuated with her ex. Just a day after the release of “Can I,” Ledé surprised fans with a concept video full of beautiful visuals:

I’m sure most of us understand the themes of “Can I” all too well. Ledé’s lyrics address her thoughts in a casual, relatable way. She sings, “I see you got me on read // Can’t get that shit out my head // Yeah, I’ve been in my feelings alright // I never would’ve thought.” These lyrics admit to the desperation many of us have felt when ideas just don’t match up with the reality of the situation. In the pre-chorus, she reaches out to her ex: “I would like to see you, can I? // Need to find a way to your body, oh yeah // Maybe I’m out of line, out my mind.”

“Can I” marks Ledé’s first 2019 release, and we must admit that this new track is just as refreshing as it is catchy! The single sets a new tone for a narrative Ledé must tell. “Can I” explores the nostalgic feelings of reminiscing on an old flame, which are sometimes so strong you can’t help but hit up your ex and talk about it.

In the song, it seems that Ledé has taken some time to distance herself from this person only to miss her ex even more. Expressing this vulnerability and swallowing her pride is a difficult step to take, but Ledé is set on seeing her ex one last time. She’ll basically do anything for closure.

With a new project in the works, “Can I” is just a little spicy taste of what’s about to come. Ledé’s upcoming EP, Myself, is set to drop this Friday! We can’t wait to see all she has up her sleeve.

Featured Image: Republic Records