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Legendary Pete Wentz Tweets for 40 Legendary Years of Life

Feel old yet? Our beloved bass player and lyricist from Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, is turning 40! Born on June 5, the pop-punk legend has been making waves and headlines for years.

Although you might think Wentz is getting old, he likes to stay hip by being active on Twitter. Along with other rockers, like Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, the Chicago musician is known as a social media legend among fans.

Just as Wentz showcased his gratitude to fans a few months ago for helping his dreams, we want to take the time to thank him in return by highlighting his best tweets. If you’re one of Wentz’s 6.5 million followers, you know he can write more than just award-winning hooks! And if you aren’t already following this legendary musician, after reading through some of our favorite tweets, that will most likely change.

Our forever mood:

And another one:

Wentz is always thinking about the important things in life:

Celebs: they are just like us when it comes to refusing to throw things out:

If you haven’t caught on, Wentz really likes food:

This even includes the technological future of food:

But he also tweets to inspire and spread positivity:

Wentz is thought-provoking…

…and unapologetic…

…because owning who you are makes you stronger…

…even when your personal brand isn’t being a stereotypical adult:

We hope for many more years of relatable, funny and inspiring Pete Wentz Twitter content. And in the wise words of Gerard Way:

Thanks, Wentz! Happy birthday!

Featured Image: Instagram (@petewentz)