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From It’s About Time to Happiness Begins, Here Are the Jonas Brothers’ Albums Ranked

In honor of the Jonas Brothers dropping their new album, Happiness Begins, last Friday, June 7, we’re ranking all of their albums from worst to best. Ready?

5. It’s About Time

Photo: Columbia Records

The Jonas Brothers’ debut album, It’s About Time, was released via¬†Columbia Records. This is the album that kickstarted the band and gave us memorable hits like “Year 3000,” “Mandy,” and “Please Be Mine.” This album also didn’t sell well and ultimately led to the Jonas Brothers being dropped from Columbia Records. Still, the album isn’t bad (especially because we get to hear baby Nick’s voice!), but it represents who the Jonas Brothers were at the time: young, up-and-coming artists whose lyrics were not very mature.

4. Lines, Vines and Trying Times

Photo: Hollywood Records

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times was the Jonas Brothers’ fourth album, and their third with Disney-owned Hollywood Records. It marked a huge shift in sound for the band (more horns and string instruments mixed in with the guitars). Some of the standout tracks on the album were “Fly With Me” and “Before the Storm,” the latter which featured fellow Disney-alum Miley Cyrus. The pop-rock feel on this album was significantly less than the brothers’ previous albums with the instrumental changes. It was clear they were going for a more mature sound, but it sometimes failed to resonate. “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime” is one of the worst, and weirdest songs to come from the brothers and rapper Common. It’s also the last album that the band released before going on a long hiatus.

3. Jonas Brothers

Photo: Hollywood Records

The Jonas Brothers’ self-titled sophomore album is what put the band on the map. It was their first release under Hollywood Records and boasted hits like “S.O.S,” “Hold On,” and “When You Look Me In The Eyes.” It was revealed in the Amazon Prime Chasing Happiness documentary that the bulk of this album was written right after the band was dropped from Columbia Records. The emotion in the lyrics is palpable, which is one of the main reasons why the tracks resonate and are still relevant with the fanbase today. It’s also the band’s best-selling album to date with around 2.5 million copies sold.

2. A Little Bit Longer

Photo: Hollywood Records

The boys’ third album was released at the peak of their popularity. A Little Bit Longer gave us some of the band’s most popular songs to date: “Burnin’ Up” and “Lovebug.” It was a more rock-influenced effort and was a spike in maturity level from the band’s two prior albums. “A Little Bit Longer,” a ballad written by Nick Jonas about his struggle with diabetes, is the closing track. It was the band’s first number one album debut and has sold over 2 million copies to date.

1. Happiness Begins

Photo: Republic Records

Is it any surprise that Happiness Begins is number one on our ranking list? As a fanbase, we have waited ten long years for a new Jonas Brothers album, and Nick, Joe and Kevin didn’t disappoint. The album is a great fusion of the sounds of both DNCE‘s music and Nick Jonas’s solo music. It’s no surprise that the album’s opening track, “Sucker,” was the boys’ first number one and has continued to dominate the charts since its release. The ballads “I Believe” and “Hesitate,” written about Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra, and Joe’s wife, Sophie Turner, respectfully, are emotional and heartfelt. “Rollercoaster” documents the band’s iconic rise, falling out, and coming back together. “Comeback” is an appropriate album-closing track and feels like a love letter from the brothers to each other: “Baby come back to me and I’ll come back to you.” The brothers are back and prove that they’re stronger than ever with this beautifully-written album.

What is your favorite Jonas Brothers album? Do you agree with our ranking? Sound off in the comments below!

Featured Image: Hollywood Records

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