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Local Natives’ Show at Brooklyn Steel Served as a Catalyst for Social Change

“So we played this song all the way back at Pianos in Manhattan 10 years ago” Indie-rock band Local Natives announced as they broke into hit song, “Coins.” The band began their two-night run at Brooklyn Steel with a sold out crowd last Thursday night. Hundreds of attendees arrived in floral maxi skirts and distressed denim jackets. Honestly, we wouldn’t expect anything less for artsy fans of such a chill group. The show was a mix of songs from their inception as well as tracks off their brand new album, Violet Street.

“Thank you, Brooklyn. This is insane,” announced singer Taylor Rice as he looked into the dark sea of excited fans. Local Natives played a 90-minute set complete with captivating harmonies, an aesthetically-pleasing light show and even a bit of crowd surfing. Throughout the night, the lights were constantly produced to create black silhouettes of each member, allowing the audience to completely focus on the sound of their music.

Local Natives really know how to use their likeness for social change. A non-profit by the name of HeadCount was positioned in the lobby encouraging attendees to register to vote. The band also announced that for every ticket sold, one dollar was donated to Plus1, an organization that fights against gender inequality and prevention against sexual assault.

“Alright, here’s another new one. It’s a happy song about the apocalypse,” Rice explained as the band moved into “Megaton Mile.” At the end, they transitioned smoothly into another track off the new album, “Someday Now.”

“We wanna try something kinda special for you guys tonight, we haven’t played this song yet. This is the first song from Violet Street.” The room went silent as the band played the beautiful ballad-like track, “Vogue.”

During “World News,” from Gorilla Manor, Rice jumped into the crowd and made his way across the front of the venue via surfing on fans’ fingertips. Following that unforgettable moment, the band played “Dark Days,” after acknowledging that it was written by guitarist Ryan Hahn, along with most of their songs. The night ended with “When Am I Gonna Lose You,” which isn’t the happiest of their tunes. However the confetti finale and high energy prompted everyone to leave the venue with a positive attitude.

You can listen to the remainder of the Local Natives’ new album, Violet Street on all streaming platforms and can still catch them on their tour that runs until October. You can even see them overseas in Europe, Australia and China.

Photos: Emily Grinberg

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