Bon Iver Gets Nostalgic in New Track “Hey, Ma”

Bon Iver is back this week with their newest single “Hey, Ma.” This is the first taste of Justin Vernon’s project since 22, A Million. However, the track strays away from the lush and thick electronic landscape of the last album, creating a bit of a singer/songwriter soundscape.

The new song comes with a retro-themed lyric video depicting home video footage of growing up. We see carefree clips of a young family and how the story continues over time. The childhood memories bubble up throughout the song as it pictures a child growing up. “Tall time to call your Ma // You’re back and forth with light.”

Unlike some of Bon Iver’s past songs, “Hey, Ma” included collaborations with many different talents. Produced with Chris Messina, Brad Cook and BJ Burton and vocals from Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner. Wasner is actually going to join Bon Iver in the live band as they announce new live shows in North America.

This track strays away from a lot of the thick production that has been a staple of the Bon Iver sound. Although it still sounds lush and open, the track is a bit more on the mellow side compared to some of their older tracks. The track is a refreshing call back to childhood though and has a high sense of nostalgia.

Bon Iver just performed the tracks at London’s All Points East festival. They will continue on an extensive tour through North America. The tour features impressive openers such as Sharon Van Etten and Yo La Tengo.

Although a bit different from older vibes, the track still brings the warmth of their production to light.
Check out the new track below!

Featured Image: Jagjaguwar