NCT Dream and HRVY Are Anti-Relationships in “Don’t Need Your Love”

Say goodbye to love and summer flings with NCT Dream and HRVY. The teen sensations have teamed up for their new single “Don’t Need Your Love.” The K-pop boy band and Youtube star blend their smooth vocals as they sing about forgoing love. The synth-pop, bilingual collaboration is the perfect summer dance track.

The music video released alongside the track is set in a school. We see the group members and Hrvy reflect on love and heartbreak in different settings such as a library, soccer field and auditorium. The boys look defeated, and we even see Renjun crying tears of heartbreak.

The group doesn’t stay down for long as they band together and happily form the “DNLY,” or “Don’t Need Your Love,” club to overcome their heartache. The vibe then becomes a lot more playful with HRVY and the members singing and rapping together in front of colorful signs and other neon elements. The six boys also showcase fun choreography in the auditorium.

This is the NCT sub-unit’s first release since last year’s “Candle Light.” The single showcases a mature and laidback side to the group’s usual hard-hitting upbeat tracks. Most notably, youngest member Jisung sings with a deeper vocal tone.

NCT Dream is the youth-focused sub-unit under SM Entertainment’s NCT act. The group currently boasts five members while member Haechan is promoting with NCT-127.

The collaboration has been in the works from what we can assume was February of this year when HRVY and NCT Dream met for the first time in Seoul.

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Featured Photo: SM Entertainment