Alec Benjamin Tells a Mysterious Story in “Must Have Been The Wind”

It’s no secret that Alec Benjamin‘s career has skyrocketed over the last year, especially with the release of his Narrated For You album. The combination of his vocals and guitar makes him one of the most unique artists we have breaking into pop music.

Benjamin is lesser known for his production and instrumental capabilities; instead, fans appreciate him for his ability to tell a story with lyrics and melodies. He’s built his entire career around storytelling and it’s working. His latest single, “Must Have Been The Wind,” is a clear indication of his growth as an artist and the beginning of a new era. He’s still the same young boy from Arizona, but he’s now taking his artistry and using it to tell powerful stories.

The lyrics of the new song are darker and more mature than previous hits. He sings, “I heard a glass shatter on the wall in the apartment above mine / At first I thought that I was dreaming, but then I heard the voice of a girl / And it sounded like she’d been crying.” The chorus then depicts him going upstairs to talk to the girl, who claims that what he’d heard “must have been the wind,” but he’s set on helping her in any way he can.

He leaves it to the listener’s imagination to fill in the gaps, which is a powerful move for this story. He’s growing up, his music is evolving and his fans are ready to go there with him. The promise of a new era of music for Benjamin begins now and soon he will be one of the biggest names in pop culture.

If you want to see Benjamin live, he is finishing up a U.S. tour and will be heading to Europe soon. Tickets have been going fast, so make sure you grab them while he’s still playing small intimate shows!

Featured Image: Atlantic Records