Lana Del Rey

12 of Lana Del Rey’s Most Underrated Songs

Lana Del Rey
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Elizabeth Grant, better known as Lana Del Rey, first drew us in with her moody 2012 single “Video Games” and almost immediately became an internet phenomenon. Tracks like “Born to Die,” “Blue Jeans,” and “Summertime Sadness” reinforced her melancholic sound — one that a slew of fans immediately hopped on board with. With multiple appearances on movie soundtracks (Maleficent‘s “Once Upon a Dream,” The Great Gatsby‘s “Young & Beautiful“) and an American Horror Story tribute performed by the legendary Jessica Lange, Lana Del Rey’s star power was officially solidified and she remains a pop culture icon to this day. Grant has struck gold time and time again with her more popular singles and covers, but – as is the case with many musicians – there is a treasure trove of songs tucked within her discography that deserve a little more recognition. Whether you’re looking for something new to listen to or just checking if your favorite hidden gem made the list, here are 12 of Lana Del Rey’s most underrated songs, organized alphabetically.

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