Jonas Brothers Vinyl Club

Jonas Vinyl Club — The New and Exclusive Way to Get All the Jonas Brother Music on Vinyl

Are you still a sucker for the Jonas Brothers? Well, you’re in luck! Joe, Nick and Kevin are FINALLY releasing all their music on vinyl for the first time ever. 2019 is looking a lot like 2008 since we cannot seem to escape the Jonas Brothers. However, Jonatics everywhere have smiles on their faces. With a lot of original fans growing up and getting jobs, there’s a chance they may have some more money in their pockets to buy merchandise. And if you’re a diehard Jonas fan with some extra money to spend, the New Jersey brothers have some good news for you.


Starting now, you can sign up for the Jonas Vinyl club. What’s that, you ask? It’s a subscription mail service where you can get all of their albums, along with singles, posters and other Jonas goodies delivered right to your door. It may seem a little steep, however, at $399 for a regular membership or $599 for the deluxe membership. Nevertheless, you will be getting over $100 more merchandise than what you paid for — and that’s a promise. Although the Vinyl club does not include the boys’ new 2019 release, Happiness Begins, it has every other Jonas song imaginable. The subscription even includes V, their 2013 album that was recorded, but never released.

Hopefully, if the Jonas Vinyl Club strikes your fancy, you can hop on this opportunity soon. If you sign up by June 28, you can get the first of four fun boxes by August. All the vinyls come in a variety of fun colors and shapes. As a deluxe member, you have the chance of getting more exclusive color variants, making them perfect for the avid vinyl collector. The Jonas grind truly never stops, as proven by this latest vinyl business venture. Let us know what you think about the Jonas Vinyl Club. Are you excited to finally add favorites like a Little Bit Longer to your collection, or are you tired of dishing out all this money on the brothers’ return?

Featured Image: Hollywood Records

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