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A Melting Pot of Pop: 7 EP by Lil Nas X

This week the music-meme sensation Little Nas X dropped his first full-length EP, 7 EP. Featuring guests like Billy Ray Cyrus and Cardi B, 7 shows us that Little Nas X is ready to become a household name. After the success of “Old Town Road” he sticks to genre-bending throughout this new project.

The EP bookends with the iconic “Old Town Road,” before flowing into “Panini.” With light-hearted lyrics it almost feels as though he’s just going in the same lane as “Old Town Road” with lyrics like “Ay, Panini, don’t you be a meany.” Although the lyrics are light, he sounds on par with some of the top hip-hop artists right now, solidifying his place as a true pop musician.

In order to solidify his takeover of the music industry, the EP falls into a fresh rock track, “F9mily (You & Me).” This track was completely unexpected during the first listen. The production is reminiscent of something Post Malone might be on, while leaning into the alt-rock universe.

Keeping on the country-mix theme, Lil Nas X comes out swinging with “Rodeo,” featuring Cardi B. The track can’t compare to “Old Town Road” however. Some of the motifs throughout it are a little cheesy and make it obvious that he’s trying to hard to genre-bend.

The other rock-adjacent track, “Bring You Down,” falls more into a low-key category complete with a little pinch of grunge. It becomes tiring after a while. However, the genre-bender rounds out the EP with “C7osure (You Like).” This upbeat tune feels like it could be a good direction for Little Nas X to be leaning towards. It can’t quite be placed into one category and encapsulates what he’s doing with music.

Overall, 7 EP is a melting pot of genres. In the modern pop-scape, this is the type of music that’s keeping everything fresh and lively. These are the songs that are charting and people are loving the confusion genre-bending brings them. Fans on Twitter can’t get enough of the EP; they continue to comment on the fact that fans of rap, rock and country can all agree on enjoying something on this collection.

It’s music for the sake of music. None of the songs say too much lyrically and create something that’s fun to listen to for the sake of listening to music. Little Nas X continues to be a king on Twitter and it’s only a matter of time before he takes over the charts yet again. Check out the EP now:

Featured Image: Columbia Records

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