A R I Z O N A’s Latest Single “Nostalgic” Captures Disappointment and Overthinking

“Ok fine, maybe I’m just a little nostalgic” is the opening line to electro-pop trio A R I Z O N A‘s latest single “Nostalgic.” It sets the scene for the longing of a past relationship, reminiscing on memories that could only be conjured up from experience.

Skipping over an ’80s dance floor beat, “Nostalgic” is upbeat and laced with a heavenly atmosphere. It’s like entering a dream-like nightclub that overflows with people yearning for ex-lovers. Frontman Zachary Charles wisps through the chorus with his powerhouse vocals. There’s a sense of desperation in his voice as he croons, “‘Cause the memories are flooding my mind, baby, I can’t stop it / I know I said I wouldn’t call, but I’m breaking my promise.” These are relatable lyrics for anyone going through the throes of a difficult breakup — overthinking and second-guessing phone calls.

“Nostalgic” is the band’s second single of the upcoming sophomore album. It follows the group’s 2017 debut, “Gallery,” and 2018 EP COLD NIGHTS // SUMMER DAYS — both well-rounded, electro-pop projects that established A R I Z O N A’s rising pop status. This single differs from the previous track “Find Someone,” which gives off a more hopeful vibe than “Nostalgic,” which consists of disappointed longing.

A R I Z O N A is still buzzing from a recent stint as opening act for Panic! at the Disco‘s European tour. The “Nostalgic” musicians are currently trekking across North America on a tour of their own, performing at numerous music festivals and venues. Currently, the guys are preparing for the release of their second album that has yet to be announced. We’re sure it’s bound to be electro-pop at its finest.

Stream A R I Z O N A’s new single “Nostalgic” here.

Featured image source: Atlantic Records