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The Best Five Palaye Royale Songs to Date

Palaye Royale

Much like Aries season, there are more than a few musicians who are Cancers.

Highly emotional, exceptionally tenacious, and of course, very creative, Cancers are some of the most perfect songwriters, and include the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Ariana Grande, and Ringo Starr.

Among these ranks includes Sebastian Danzig, guitarist for Palaye Royale. A self described “fashion-art-rock” band, Palaye Royale has been one of the hottest alternative bands of the last year, and anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the scene has probably come across them, or one of their “Soldiers of the Royal Council,” AKA their fanbase.

So in honor of their meteoric rise to fame, (and Danzig’s 27th birthday, which is today, July 1) we’re counting down the top five Palaye Royale songs.