A Full Breakdown of Taylor Swift’s Feud With Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun

Scott Borchetta’s Rebuttal


After reading what Taylor had to say in her blog post, Borchetta took to the BMLG’s website to post his rebuttal and explain his side of the story — starting with Taylor’s claim that she wasn’t notified of the deal prior to reading a news report along with the rest of the world.

“In regard to a post earlier today from Taylor, it’s time to set some things straight,” Scott wrote.
“Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, was a shareholder in Big Machine Records, LLC. We first alerted all of the shareholders on Thursday, June 20th for an official shareholder’s call scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th. On the 6/25 call the shareholders were made aware of the pending deal with Ithaca Holdings and had 3 days to go over all of the details of the proposed transaction. We then had a final call on Friday, June 28th in which the transaction passed with a majority vote and 3 of the 5 shareholders voting ‘yes’ with 92% of the shareholder’s vote.”

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