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GOT7 Lights Up Newark’s Prudential Center at North American Tour Kickoff

It was a night to remember for GOT7 fans, a.k.a. iGOT7 or Ahgase. The K-pop group brought its Keep Spinning Tour to Newark’s Prudential Center on Thursday night. It was the first stop on the North American leg of the group’s tour, in support of the newly released album Spinning Top: Between Security and Insecurity.

Throughout the nearly three-hour show, GOT7 proved that it’s comprised of seasoned pros. With an impressive setlist, relatable sentiments and cute fan interactions, the concert kept Ahgases singing along, serving up synchronized fan chants and dancing constantly.

Lime-green light sticks lit up the arena as the K-pop boys kicked things off with “Eclipse,” the title single from Spinning Top. Since last year’s show in New York, the group had released two new albums: Spinning Top and Present: You. Along with new songs performed for the first time, the band made sure to include hits that ranged its five-year career, such as “Never Ever” and “Hard Carry.”

After the first stage, the group explained that the songs at the beginning of the concert were a little more sad, but would get more positive as the night went on, much like the concept of the new album.

Standouts included a performance Jinyoung penned and produced: “I Am Me.” Jinyoung and his bandmates served up the anthemic track with vibrant choreography. Similarly, other units and members had the chance to shine. Vocalists JB and Youngjae each performed a solo stage of self-written and produced tracks. The rap line — Mark, Jackson and BamBam — performed two songs written and produced by BamBam. Yugyeom and Jinyoung also teamed up for a choreographed performance.

During mid-set discussions, the group made time to chat about time in New York and provide an explanation of the different segments in the show. The audience greeted the members with name-chanting. GOT7 noted that it had something to say to fans before performing “Thank You,” a song dedicated to fans.

The energy was especially high during performances of Spinning Top’s “Page” and Present: You’s “Come On” — both fan favorites written and produced by leader JB. After performing “Miracle,” the septet once again addressed the crowd. Each member expressed thoughts on the new album and tour preparation, but also made some poignant points about worries concerning the group’s future.

Jinyoung started, addressing the increase in K-pop’s popularity as the reasoning behind why he’s currently learning English. “K-pop is getting bigger,” he noted. “If I want to communicate all around the world to fans, I need to study English.”

JB detailed a nightmare he recently had before tour: “In the dream I was standing on the stage and I realized all the seats were empty,” he says. “But now I’m here with many of you. “It feels just like a miracle.” Jackson echoed, “We respect everybody, but we GOT7, we fear none.”

The group referenced previous shows in New York. In 2016 the K-pop septet held a show at Times Square’s PlayStation Theater. Last year the musicians made history as the first K-pop group to play at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

“From Playstation, to the Barclays Center, and now we’re here,” said BamBam. “Every year we’re getting bigger and bigger. I cannot wait for next year.” BamBam made sure to ask fans if they would return, should the band come back, to which the crowd enthusiastically screamed “yes.” “GOT7 is going to be here forever,” said Mark.

During the finale, the camaraderie between the group and fans was unlike any other. With toys thrown on stage and water splashed onto the crowd, GOT7 made sure Ahgase were having the best time possible. “It’s never going to end,” screamed Jackson before they performed “Come On” for the second time that night.

Despite the members expressing insecurities about the new album and tour, GOT7 delivered energetic performances, while showcasing exceptional gratitude for fans. Fans made sure to show their own affection by filling up the arena and promising to always be there for the group. There is no doubt that GOT7 is here to stay and so are Ahgase.

Featured Image: Amanda Lee