Why Don’t We Drops Summer Single “Come To Brazil” Inspired by Fans

Why Don’t We dropped a new single last week that just might be the group’s biggest hit yet. The boys have been releasing a single every month for the past five months and their newest single “Come To Brazil” is now the sixth release.

Fans figured out the series of monthly releases a while back by analyzing the corner of each cover art, which had a small fraction of the month (out of 12) the single would release. As each June day passed, fans became more impatient, wanting “6/12” to be released.

The excitement and impatience grew after the rising heartthrobs played a snippet of the new song six days before the release at an Indianapolis summer radio show, creating chaos within the fandom. Considering their eagerness for the single and frustration with the boys for teasing and delaying the release until the last week of June, fans decided to “cancel” their favs by taking to Twitter with the hashtag #WhyDontWeIsOverParty as a joke.

This past Thursday the highly anticipated single finally released. The new summer hit is a bit different from what the up-and-coming artists have created in the past. Working with producer JKash (who has helped Maroon 5 and Selena Gomez), the band established this single as its first official co-write. It’s influenced by the party scene in LA, feelings of lust and the spontaneous chance of talking to a girl and leaving with her.

In an interview with Billboard, band member Jonah Marais mentioned the tune takes a comedic route, saying that in the process of figuring out a location female interest for Why Don’t We came from, the band took inspiration from the daily “come to Brazil” comments on social media.

The Latin-beat-inspired single is the perfect catchy summer song for a car ride with friends.

Featured Image: Atlantic Records