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Eden xo Returns With New Dance Single “So Lucky”

American singer-songwriter Eden xo has released a new single, “So Lucky,” off her most recent EP, The Question, her first body of work in eight years. Under her new label, AlphaOmega Records, the love song backed up by a dance beat was recorded in London and Stockholm, and is the perfect track to meet someone new at a club. Her unique voice fits perfectly into the electronic pop genre her music falls under, giving a haunting tone to an upbeat song.

“So Lucky” describes how her life might not have gone as planned, but meeting someone special was worth it. The chorus sings, “So what if things didn’t work out exactly how I thought they’d be? // With you somehow, beside me now // I feel like I’m lucky,” followed by “So what if things didn’t go down exactly how I might’ve dreamed? // With you right now, I’ve figured out // I’m really so lucky.”

The California singer reminds us to appreciate who and what our lives have given us, especially when things haven’t gone exactly how you planned them to. It’s important for every one of us to take a step back and realize that we really are “so Lucky.”

The bridge of the single sings, “No use in fighting things you cannot change // No use in crying over spilled champagne.” There’s no point in fighting how your life has turned out or where you are going. She’s giving hope to her listeners that things will always work out for the best.

Eden xo’s EP, The Question, is available everywhere now, including “So Lucky” as No. 2 on the tracklist, including a reprise by Just Kiddin. The other songs, “The Question,” “Sorry For Myself,” “Have It All,” and “Heaven is a Place With You” are also worth a listen if you enjoyed “So Lucky.”

Featured Image: AlphaOmega Records

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