Korn Refine Their Roots on “You’ll Never Find Me”

Nu-metal icons Korn have revealed that they will be releasing their 13th studio album, The Nothing, on September 13, 2019. Along with the announcement, the band released the album’s lead single “You’ll Never Find Me” with an accompanying visualizer.

The song is reminiscent of 2002’s release The Untouchables and 2003’s Take A Look In The Mirror. It’s particularly the quiet build-up in the pre-chorus that reminds us of the tracks “Bottled Up Inside” and “Break Some Off” from each album respectively. The heavy guitar tones and lead singer Jonathan Davis’ delivery has that classic KORN feel, with a new, sleeker production.

Davis’ delivery is still powerful, with less of that guttural sound that makes his voice one of the most intriguing and haunting in music. The guitars are crisp and front and center. Unfortunately, the bass work by Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu gets lost under the layers; more prominent bass would have made the track even heavier.

The chorus is straightforward and notably less heavy than one would expect after listening to the rest of the track. It sounds more akin to a hard rock chorus than metal. It’s effective in performing as a general chorus, but beyond that, it is the least interesting part of the track.

Going from the chorus to the bridge, there is a significant shift back to the desperation and rage Korn so effectively delivers. Davis repeats the line, “I’m lost, you’ll never find me,” each time with increasing urgency and hysteria. The most haunting delivery by Davis comes at the closing of the track where he delivers the line again on the verge of breaking down. The track ends with audio of Davis seemingly ripping off his headphones and throwing them to the ground, yelling expletives. To add to the chilliness, Davis is quietly repeating the line, “I’m not doing fine,” over this.

We’re reminded of the Korn song “Daddy,” an extremely disturbing and personal song for Davis. He breaks down in tears at the end of the track as it fades out. It is a dark and powerful moment that can’t be replicated. With that said, one could dismiss the ending of “You’ll Never Find Me” as an attempt to copy the effect of “Daddy,” but we disagree. Davis’ delivery is genuine, and the ending is the reaction of a man being able to finally release his anger and frustration.

“You’ll Never Find Me” is just a taste of what we can expect from Korn’s new album. We could be hearing a sleeker, more produced sound from Korn, but nonetheless, the emotion will still be there to balance it out. The track is a contradiction of itself because of that, but we argue that it makes the song all the more compelling, as we are pulled into confliction alongside the band.

Watch the visualizer for “You’ll Never Find Me” below and leave your thoughts in the comments section or send us a tweet @soundigest.

Featured Image: RoadRunner Records