The Black Keys Let's Rock

The Black Keys Come Back Swinging with Let’s Rock LP

This summer is nothing short of incredible for alt-rockers everywhere. This week, The Black Keys added Let’s Rock to the long list of rock albums gracing our ears. The first album since 2014’s Turn Blue, the rock duo came back swinging with this distinct old school rock project.

The record opens with the fuzzy embrace of electric guitar licks. Encapsulating “an homage to electric guitar” as Patrick Carney puts it. After bouts of commercial success, this record pulls it all back. Although heavy with flair, the record has a balanced, mellow rock feel to it.

The back-to-basics approach sounds extremely natural for the duo. After taking a five-year break, they were able to come back together with an unspoken agreement. “It was just going to be a guitar and drums record,” says Dan Auerbach.

Although there was a break, that didn’t stop the two from keeping busy. Carney produced albums for artists like Calvin Johnson and Michelle Branch (now his wife), all while Auerbach opened his Easy Eye Sound record label and worked on the latest Cage the Elephant record. He also slid out a solo album.

The two came back together seamlessly, even poking fun at rumors that they had broken up in music videos. The result is an easy-listening, yet high energy, stripped back rock album. For old and new fans alike, the album delivers tracks to get lost in.

The more ballad-like “Walk Across the Water” is a standout on the record with a thick and sweet sound. It drips with a slow lilt and somewhat sappy lyrics. “Every Little Thing” brings something a little extra to the record, too, with a wicked reverb in the beginning as a standout electric guitar line draws it out.

“Go” is the standout track of the summer to come from this record. Paired with a fabulous music video, it feels like the one that will grace the ears of radio listeners everywhere.

Let’s Rock honestly describes itself. A no-frills return to the basics—simply put, it just rocks. Check out the album below and tell us your favorite track in the comments section or by tweeting us @soundigest!

Featured Image: Nonesuch Records

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