Ed Sheeran Embraces Rock ‘n’ Roll With “Blow” Featuring Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars

Ed Sheeran has dropped a new track from his upcoming collaboration album titled No.6 Collaborations Project, which will be released on Friday, July 12. The song is the last track on the album and is titled “Blow.” It features Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars — two polar opposite musicians. So far, the releases from the album have been hip-hop inspired, but not straying too far from Ed’s classic sound. “Blow,” however, does not follow this pattern. When Ed announced that his next album will be only collaborations, no one would’ve expected him to put these two artists on the same song.

The song starts with a strong electric guitar and gives off a heavy rock ‘n’ roll sound. Sheeran takes the first verse, and it’s clear from that jump that it’s different than anything he’s ever done before. The “Thinking Out Loud” singer has been known to rock a softer voice and an acoustic guitar in his past releases, but not this time. Chris Stapleton’s verse works well because of his country roots; It’s a different style for him as well, but not as much of a stretch as it is for Ed.

The rock sound continues throughout the whole track, leading into Bruno Mars’ verse. His passionate vocals work the best with the guitar, drums, and overall sound of the track — possibly reminding listeners of one of Bruno’s most popular singles, “Gorilla.” His vocal range and ability to scream lyrics while still sounding smooth seemed the most natural. That said, the song was a risk for all three singers involved.

It’s worth noting that Sheeran has never put out a song that strayed so far from what’s been successful for him all along. He’s been inspired by many genres, such as reggaeton and hip-hop, but has never completely taken on different genre like he has in “Blow.” The singer just might be the leader in a surprising new rock ‘n’ roll revival, bringing country and pop along for the ride. If this collaboration is any indication of the surprises and risks of Ed’s upcoming album, then there’s simply no telling what the rest of tracks will sound like.

Featured Image: Instagram (@teddysphotos)