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Kat DeLuna Is Bringing the Heat With “Only One,” Her Second Summer Single

Kat Deluna is back with her signature mix of Latin rhythms and hip-hop beats with her new single “Only One.” The new single is the singer’s second release of the summer, with “Last Night in Miami,” dropping just a few months earlier.

“Only One” is a catchy tune about someone going through the ups and downs of a relationship. With lyrics like, “Promises that weren’t met // I don’t wanna regret // I just wanna forget with you,” quickly transitioning to the namesake of the song, “Love me like you do // Like I’m the only one // Only way you run,” showing the back and forth between the singer and the one she loves.


This song is the complete opposite of “Last Night in Miami,” as it goes from partying it up in Miami with your girls to trying to figure out your relationship with your lover. The video for the track follows the storyline of a couple along with plenty of shots of Deluna dancing to the beat on the beach and on the dance floor.

While the song is catchy, the video does kind of disappoint. The plot of the arguing couple is lost, and it gets a bit confusing as shots of Deluna riding around the city in a Jeep intertwine with the storyline. It seems as if Deluna is continuing to have a hard time jumping back full force into the music scene since her 2009 hit “Whine Up.” With the ups and downs of her past singles, we’re eager to see what she drops next!

Take a look at her new video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section or tweet us @soundigest!

Featured Image: Instagram (@katdeluna)

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