Lil Nas X "Old Town Road" Remix

“Old Town Road” Gets Another Remix Featuring Mason Ramsey and Young Thug

Another remix of “Old Town Road”? It seems like Lil Nas X whips out a remix of his hit song every week. This time the genre-bending song gets new flavor from rapper Young Thug and country/yodeling talent Mason Ramsey. The remix breathes new life into the song and even gives us some fun new lines. Additionally, Lil Nas X is fully aware of his meme status. After the release of the new remix on July 12, Twitter blew up with jokes about how the “Old Town Road” remixes will never end. Lil Nas X and Ramsey even got in on the jokes themselves.

“Old Town Road” is undoubtedly the biggest song of the summer, if not the year. The original singer is breaking records all over with the single, kicking off his career in the best way possible. Not only has his ability to blend genres and connect with fans been amazing, but he’s also blessing us with amazing social media content. As long as he wants to make “Old Town Road” remixes, people will still be listening. Through his rising fame, Lil Nas X has been able to connect with all types of artists. Mariah Carey and even Smash Mouth have tweeted about collaborations for future remixes.

Ramsey and Young Thug were great additions to the original song. Thug’s verses complimented Lil Nas X’s and Ramsey’s young country voice that plays off Billy Ray Cyrus‘s vocals. Ramsey even provided us with the iconic line, “If you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out of my way.” It may seem as if the remixes are playing off the fact that the song has become a meme, but we can go as far as saying this remix is as good, if not better than the original.

We can’t wait to see what comes next for Lil Nas X. Whether it is the 100th “Old Town Road” remix, a tour or something even crazier, we’ll be there. It’s amazing to see young artists connect with so many as Lil Nas X has. 2019 might be the year that genres are canceled and collaborations with anyone can happen. Who would you like to see Lil Nas X get on the next remix?

Featured Image: Instagram (@lilnasx)

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