Of Monsters and Men "Wild Roses"

Of Monsters and Men Combine Dance-Pop and Emotion in “Wild Roses”

Folk-pop band Of Monsters and Men have returned after nearly four years with their emotional second single “Wild Roses.” After their previous album Beneath The Skin overflowed with euphoric choruses and personal ballads, the expectation for more of the same is relatively high.

The Icelandic group has come very far since their hit song “Little Talks” invaded the charts in 2012, earning them a high dose of recognition. “Wild Roses” launches a bit of nostalgia for a dedicated listener — it harbors that same effect that “Little Talks” delivered and then some. With electric and dance-pop origins, it seems like the band is traveling down an exciting creative path.

The band explained the significance of the track on Twitter:

Lead singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir‘s soft vocals are capable of catapulting fans on a vivid journey: one that urges purpose in a chaotic world. Songs are meant to be interpreted however the listener wishes — “Wild Roses” could be heard as a track about longing for love, searching for meaning or aimlessly wondering where we’re going. Hilmarsdóttir desperately croons “Before I closed my eyes I saw a moth in the sky / And I wish I could fly that high / Oh, don’t you,” making us relate to her passionate cries.

The track differs from their first single “Animal” — a high-energy, rock-heavy record that furthered the group’s progression in its genre. They’re able to venture into a softer sound while maintaining an edge. “Wild Roses” might hold a melancholy message for some, but it stays true to the quintet’s style. Of Monsters and Men are set to release their third studio album Fever Dream on July 26. They’re also ready to embark on an upcoming European tour, set to begin in late October.

Stream Of Monsters and Men’s new single “Wild Roses” here.

Featured Image: Instagram (@ofmonstersandmen)

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