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Lights’ Skin&Earth Acoustic Is Beautiful and Alluring

Nearly two years after Canadian singer-songwriter released her incredible fourth studio album, Skin&Earth, featuring an accompanying comic series under the same name, Lights has released her long-awaited Skin&Earth Acoustic. Since her first LP in 2009, Lights has released an acoustic LP before her next LP was announced.

The album tells the story of the fictitious Enaia Jin, a woman searching for hope in a post-apocalyptic world, when she meets a friend that leads her to become “much more connected to the world around her than she ever thought and sets her on a journey that could change the course of everything,” Lights told in 2017.

This cycle, she took the LP to a new level by taking each reimagined track into a completely new element. Each track, aside from the three new songs, was recorded in a different environment than the typical studio.  The first track, “Skydiving” was recorded on a cliff, “Until The Light” was recorded in a truck cab, “Savage” was recorded in the rain, “New Fears” was recorded in a bedroom, “We Were Here” in a tunnel, “Kicks” by a river, and “Almost Had Me” in a desert. Each different environment gives the originally electro-pop powered songs new life.

Two tracks stand-out are “Almost Had Me” and “We Were Here.” “Almost Had Me” is a deep cut that concludes both the acoustic Skin&Earth tracks, and the original LP. In the song, Lights preaches about how she almost didn’t make it and failed at her destiny. Of course, this is conveyed in the last issue of the comic, but the acoustic sounds of the track make you feel the words with so much more weight.

“We Were Here” is an upbeat empowering track that hypes you up. It brings an interesting light to the track and makes you hear what she preaches deeply compared to the original.

The LP features three new songs to complete the story of Skin&Earth. “Tabs” is an anthem that tells you to live in the moment because no one really is keeping tabs on you and the one you love, while “Lost Girls” is a song screaming female empowerment.

The final song on the album, “Down Forever,” talks about how you’ll won’t be at your lows forever and to not be too hard on yourself. There has yet to be no official confirmation on how these three tracks will tie into the comic world of Skin&Earth.

Lights will be headed out on an acoustic North American tour for the Skin&Earth Acoustic LP starting on July 24 in Chicago. Tickets and other dates can be found online at

You can watch Lights’ music video for “Lost Girls” directed by her husband, Beau Bokan (of Blessthefall) HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@lights)

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