NCT 127 Release English Version of “Highway to Heaven,” And It’s Romantic

Back in May, NCT 127 released their highly anticipated fourth mini-album, WE ARE SUPERHUMAN. The album included the stunning and uplifting track “Highway to Heaven,” and now the group is back with an English version of the hit song.

Zane Lowe premiered the song on Beats 1 Radio on July 18. Along with the release, NCT 127 posted on Twitter that they hope their fans, NCTzen, like this version.

The track is still as sleek and full of energy as the original version, but with a thematic change in the lyrics. While the original version of the song focused more on the limitless of potential and the journey to success, the English version is more grounded in the pursuit of romance. With lines like, “We’ll take the highway to heaven // And I can’t wait to love you all alone” and “Baby you should know // I won’t let you go // I’ll show you the world if you say so,” the group beautifully combines ballad-like lyrics with an upbeat and dreamy EDM-pop track.

Much like in the original version, my favorite part of the song is the chorus, when all of the group’s members sing together. I love the decision to have everyone take part as it gives the song more power. It also adds to the sense of unity that the English lyrics focus on. The song even references U.S. Route 101, the highway that connects states on the West Coast of the United States. Changing the lyrics was a great choice to make the song feel new and, in a way, to connect the group with their English-speaking fans even more. A direct translation could’ve run the risk of awkward phrasing.

NCT 127 are becoming a big international act that we need to keep our eyes on, and it’s entirely possible that we could see more English songs from them in the future. Not to mention, if they’re anything like “Highway to Heaven,” then we’re in for a real treat.

Listen to the English version of “Highway to Heaven” HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@nct127)