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The All-American Rejects Are Back With a New EP on a New Record Label

If you turned on any radio in 2006, it was impossible to escape The All-American Rejects. Now the Oklahoma quintet has been on the down-low. However, on July 16, 2019 they made a comeback. They released a three-song EP and announced they have been signed to Epitaph Records. Although some may think that The All-American Rejects are past their prime, 2019 just might be their time for a comeback. New songs like “Gen Why? (DGAF)” and “Demons” show everything we have loved about the band for years. It’s equal bits heartfelt, sassy and fun. While celebrating the EP release, The All-American Rejects played the final Warped Tour. So maybe as one chapter closes and another one can begin?

One of the new songs, “Gen Why? (DGAF),” was actually first debuted on the road in 2016. The All-American Rejects played it while touring with Blink-182 and nearly three years later it’s getting the studio version it deserves. “Gen Why? (DGAF)” is a more comical song, as it heavily satirizes younger generations. Obsessed with spending money and getting high, the lyrics mock clout chasing culture. Although the song can definitely be taken as a joke, it’s lyrically reminiscent of modern pop and rap. Musically, the song’s light and catchy, but still has strong instrumentals.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the song “Demons.” This song’s darker and has really strong vocals and lyrics from Tyson Ritter. “Demons” is about running from your inner demons to the point where you feel like you’re being swallowed whole. The instrumentals are softer but still a good match for the song’s tone. Discussions of mental health have become very prevalent within the pop-punk community lately and it’s great to see The All-American Rejects stepping into this space. Although the song may not address getting help, Ritter’s words can make listeners feel less isolated.

We want to extend a big welcome back to The All-American Rejects. The band has only put out a few songs and supported one or two tours since their last album cycle in 2012. The new record label also brings some new opportunities for Tyson and his boys. The All-American Rejects last toured with bands such as Blink-182 and The Maine, so maybe there’s a new tour in the works… or at least a good album. Either way, the band’s work is consistent and will leave fans — old and new — wanting more. We love The All-American Rejects and we DGAF.

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