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King Princess Is Sultry in Standout Single “Prophet” Ahead of Upcoming Album

Brooklyn singer-songwriter King Princess (born Mikaela Straus) has announced that her debut album Cheap Queen is set to drop this fall! The singer has been teasing fans with hints of the album, releasing a few singles to prelude the album including “Cheap Queen,” “Useless Phrases” and her most recent release, “Prophet.”

This standout single is fueled by Straus’ infatuation with her love interest. She admits that she can’t stop thinking about this individual, and even compares them to a prophet. She’s so smitten with this person, she’s willing to go to new heights just to be with them.

Although her lyrics depict the feelings of a very strong crush, she refrains from any reflection of desperation. The singer strongly delivers this track with confidence and seduction, creating the imagery of a sonic smize for first-time listeners.

She sings, “You know what you want // It’s only ’bout the money and control // Can’t step off it, someone else will cop it // Like it’s gold, you’re a prophet // Someone’s gonna profit // Don’t you know I just want it.”

It’s apparent that Straus knew exactly what direction she wanted to take with “Prophet,” and ran with it! The bottom line is that her metaphorical writing compliments her creative production flawlessly.


The new single puts a smooth, soulful rock spin on Straus’ pop-heavy discography. The 20-year-old has no hesitation in expressing her diverse vocal ability, and “Prophet” shows just that. Straus has the gift of being very flexible when it comes to production. As Straus continues to release new music, we learn that she can pull off a wide array of sounds—from easy-listening pop songs, like “1950,” to slow-burning light rock tracks like “Prophet.”

Her sexy confidence and fiery personality definitely help draw in her millennial and Gen Z fanbase. Within the mainstream pop world, King Princess makes a refreshing debut that teaches us that taking pride in your identity and feelings is rewarding! We cannot wait to see more from King Princess as she prepares to release Cheap Queen and head out on tour!


Featured Image: Zelig Records

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