Max and Felly Deliver Breezy Love Declaration with “Acid Dreams”

Max Schneider has had quite an eventful and noteworthy life. Like many famous New Yorkers before him, his professional career kicked off on Broadway, where he met Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies, who were starring in Nickelodeon’s Victorious at the time.

From there, Schneider went on to appear on television, star in a few movies, and he even modeled for Dolce & Gabbana with the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. But it was 2016’s smash hit “Lights Down Low” that propelled him to a new level of musical prominence. Three years after the release of his highest-charting single to date, Max and Felly have joined forces to deliver a breezy love declaration with “Acid Dreams.”

“Acid Dreams” is a love letter at its finest, especially with Max’s online confession that his verses are about his wife Emily. Better yet, he went so far as to craft the lyrics right in front of her! With songwriting being such an intimate and personal process, it’s impressive that Schneider was able to write such a candid song with his muse in the same room. In an interview with NYLON, the New York native even admitted that he’d never done something like that before.

The tune itself is summer personified thanks to its wavy synth production and the ever so reliable clapping sounds punctuating every beat. Max’s soulful crooning pairs well with Felly’s laidback rap verses. It’s similar to the dynamic he shared with Quinn XCII in “Love Me Less“, another incredibly catchy tune with honest, well-crafted lyrics. Schneider has definitely established a sound that works with his expressive vocals, and that confidence is bound to be present in his upcoming studio album, House of Divine.

You can give the passionate “Acid Dreams” a listen below while we (not so) patiently wait for more of Max’s new work.

Featured Image: RED Music

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