Charlotte Lawrence "Why Do You Love Me"

Charlotte Lawrence Releases Charlie Puth-Produced Single “Why Do You Love Me”

We’ve all experienced a tension-filled relationship; the toxic ins and outs that bring us to the edge. Charlotte Lawrence just released “Why Do You Love Me,” an ode to the rollercoaster of a love-hate dynamic.


Lawrence has proven herself to be a pop phenomenon — her previous singles “Just The Same” and “Sleep Talking” have garnered over 30 million streams on Spotify. With “Why Do You Love Me,” she makes her Atlantic and Gold Tooth Records debut and it’s a unique one. The song differs from her usual sound, ultimately shifting down a path engrossed with pop-rock elements.

Produced by Charlie Puth, Louis Bell and Andrew Watt, the track dives into a haunting sound. “Hate your friends / I hate your mom and dad / I hope they hate me back” is how the song opens up — a deeply dark take on an unhealthy connection.


The lyrics are blunt — perhaps a dedication to her past toxic relationships. The 19-year-old creates a relatable story, one that a soon-to-be adult can connect with. While the track unveils a darker side to the artist’s lyrical creativity, it showcases a high level of maturity. She won’t stand for anyone wronging her, cutting off the people who can’t stray away from negativity. It’s something that resonates with listeners and delivers a sense of empowerment. Lawrence embodies strength and independence while maintaining an air of uncertainty — a sensible feeling when dealing with a conflicting significant other. “Why Do You Love Me” encapsulates a woman’s insecurities and reassurances while sussing out the emotional aftermath.

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Lawrence offers a bit of comfort to young women just like her: tumultuous relationships come and go, but reckless behavior lingers in the background. It takes time to heal but it brings a new lease on a hopeful connection with someone who doesn’t make us question their intentions, like Lawrence pleading, “Why do you love me?”

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