Believe The Hype—Twenty One Pilots Create Music Video as an Ode to Fans

Twenty One Pilots never disappoint when it comes to music videos. Last week, they dropped another video to go with one of their tracks from 2018’s Trench. The music video for Twenty One Pilots’ “The Hype” is well crafted and has plenty of fan service moments.

This is especially important as the song is about their fans following them through their journey in and out of the spotlight. As always, Twenty One Pilots made a conscious effort to add lots of detail to their video. Every part from the cinematography, staging, and even down to the outfits, is thoughtful.

“The Hype” video starts with Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun playing in a living room full of people barely acknowledging them. This is representative of their start, playing whenever and wherever they could, even when no one is listening. At some point, Tyler abruptly unplugs his base and moves into the house’s garage. Plugging back in, the music starts again. Josh is there along with a small audience actually singing along. The garage show illustrates the band has gained a small following.

Finally, Tyler climbs up to the roof of the house. Once again, Josh is there with him on the roof. However, this time, the house is surrounded by adoring fans singing Tyler’s words back. We even spot a fan holding a Ned plush from the “Chlorine” music video. Although the roof collapses in the end, it shows that even through fame, Twenty One Pilots remember their humble beginnings. And it is their fans who have stuck with them through their moments in and out of the spotlight that hold them together, much like the yellow tape Tyler uses to repair the damaged house.

“The Hype” is a great example of how the Columbus duo (and their video team) tell their stories through symbolism. For example, Josh is everywhere Tyler goes to perform, showing their connection and how he has always been a constant in Tyler’s life. Another example of symbolism is when Tyler puts on more layers as he plays larger and larger shows. This is to protect him from the outside world, especially as the band gains more critics. However, his fans who understand his message wear matching flannel layers in solidarity.

It is incredible to see after the rollercoaster journey Twenty One Pilots has been on the last few years, they still manage to stick to their roots. Although Trench is primarily a concept album, Tyler always manages to write his fans into his stories.

The skeleton clique, as the fans are called, will be around for a while. They will continue to lift up Tyler and Josh (both metaphorically and physically if you’re in the pit during “Trees”). Maybe we’ll see some of you in plaid on tour this fall. Do you believe “The Hype?”

Featured Image: Fueled By Ramen

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