Bishop Briggs "Tattooed On My Heart"

Bishop Briggs Discusses Relationship Scars in “Tattooed On My Heart”

This week, London star Bishop Briggs released her latest single, “Tattooed On My Heart.” The single comes after another new release, “Champion,” from earlier this month. This new track really showcases Briggs’ dark-yet-upbeat sound.

Opening with a groovy piano line, the London singer’s unique low voice comes through powerfully. The track builds with soft hums, growing more and more, exuding power. A full, soulful choir hops on during the bridge, supporting and lifting up the pop star.

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The lyrics easily resonate with the remorse of falling for someone too hard. They also discuss the permanent scar a lover leaves, like a tattoo, when everything ends.

“I have lots of tattoos, too many to count,” Briggs says. “I have tattoos that remind me of him or tattoos we got together but I truly don’t regret any of them. Seeing them on my body brings back countless memories and lessons — they’re reminders of my being.”


Briggs brings these feelings to life in this song. “I’m so done with your fake promises / ‘Cause I’ve been through all this shit with you before,” she states in the pre-chorus. “If I’d known you’d rip it apart / Oh, I wish I didn’t get your name tattooed on my heart.”

She continues to discuss her lyrics, claiming, “It’s not about protecting the other person, but it’s also not about protecting myself. It’s just telling the truth, which is kind of my goal with all the music I release going forward.”

The entire track weaves through these truths intricately and it’s refreshing to hear the severity of truth throughout. She tells this story with an intense beauty. Check out the music video for the song and keep an eye out for her UK tour dates coming up this winter.

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