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Logic Learns How to “Drip” In New Music Video “Icy”

Logic just dropped a fresh music video for “Icy,” visually representing his most recently released album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. In the 4-minute-51-second video, Logic takes lessons from Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane on how to be more “icy” in order to appeal to the mainstream hip-hop culture. This comical music video follows behind the music videos for “Homocide” featuring Eminem and single “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”.

One admirable aspect of Logic’s visuals is the theatrical drama he creates within his work. The Maryland rapper is heavily influenced by film when he writes his music, and often times tells stories from the perspective of different characters. In this particular music video, Logic switches up his image in attempt to become more appealing to the “clout culture” that is often expected of celebrities.

The video opens in a cartoon world where Logic awakens to a phone call from his sleazy manager, Marty Randolph. The manager tells him that he is unhappy with record sales and that Logic needs to change his entire image. This fictional character has been woven into Logic’s music for years, tracking all the way back to his 2011 mixtape Young Sinatra.

Randolph’s character reflects an archetype: a grimy record executive who’s only concern is profit. Randolph is manipulative and will do whatever it takes to make artists famous, even if it means changing everything about them. Randolph is placed in this narrative as a metaphor for how Logic feels about the corruption music industry, and he aims to maintain a transparent and genuine image of himself.

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Ironically, in the music video Logic’s character agrees to Randolph’s scheme and meets his manager at the mall to shop for new “drip.” He buys a custom grill, chains, diamond shoes and a ginormous fur coat. Soon, the video transitions to Logic meeting Gucci Mane. Gucci plays the role of a teacher, giving aspiring rappers a lesson on how to “drip” instead of “drown.” After this scene, Logic obnoxiously waltzes around and picks up a few women to ride around in his new car with him. Here, Logic makes it obvious that he is mocking other rappers’ behavior and shallow reputation of being materialistic, selfish, and blatantly objectifying women.

The plot takes a harsh turn of events when Logic’s groupies plan to hijack his car during their drive. The women hold Logic at gunpoint and demand all of his new treasures. In fear, Logic obeys and gets thrown out of the car. As he stands on the side of the road wounded and confused, Marty Randolph pulls up to tell him that he has been cut off, and tears up his deal with Logic.

It appears that each music video from Confessions of a Dangerous Mind acts as a mini-movie for fans to enjoy. These short yet manic plots reflect different characters and concepts that Logic sheds light on in his music, all while maintaining a lighthearted comedic performance. Logic knows the perfect balance of presenting controversial concepts with a hilarious twist set up to make fans think about his message, but also join in on the jokes with him!

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