Mike Posner "Prince Akeem"

Mike Posner Releases Upbeat “Prince Akeem” While on His Walk Across America

If you haven’t already heard, Mike Posner has embarked on a journey to travel across America on foot. Posner started this journey back in April on the east coast of New Jersey and is planning on ending the walk on the west coast in California. The traveling musician has already walked over 1,600 miles so far, and judging by his determination, we believe that nothing will stop him from completing this incredible journey. Even with Posner traveling out in the wilderness, it hasn’t stopped him from releasing new music while on his journey.

Posner’s latest track “Prince Akeem” is a very upbeat and feel good song about being proud of your accomplishments and is overall a self-empowering song. This song follows up his last single “Look What I’ve Become,” which featured Ty Dolla Sign. Mike’s new song also includes a feature from Wiz Khalifa, whose verse also shines a light on believing in yourself to achieve your desired goals. You can tell by listening to these songs that Posner’s journey across the country has deeply inspired the singer and his new releases.

In addition to releasing the song, Posner also released a video for his latest single. The video shows Posner shooting some hoops and showing off his best dance moves outside what looks to be an elementary school. In the video you can also see the RV that the “I Took a Pill in Ibeza” singer has been living in the past few months for his travels through the States. We loved seeing the happiness radiating off of him in this video and can’t wait to see what else he does along his journey. Recently Posner was attacked by a rattlesnake and has taken some time to recover before heading back out on his long walk to California. We wish Mike a speedy recovery and safe travels to the west coast! Check out the video for “Prince Akeem” below and leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on Mike’s new single!

Featured Image: Instagram (@mikeposner)

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