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These YouTube Stars Are Making a Name for Themselves in Music

3. Cavetown

Cavetown is an English indie artist who got his start as a YouTube musician. He began gaining thousands of new viewers through his ukulele covers and originals. Some of his most viewed covers include “The Judge,” “Love Yourself” and “Slow Dancing in the Dark.” A fan-made video of his original song “This Is Home” has received over 34 million views.

To date, Cavetown has over 900k subscribers. He’s released two EPs, Nervous Friends and Dear., and a handful of singles. He’s currently on tour playing at venues worldwide.

He’s not only hit it big on YouTube, some of his lyrics, like “Don’t mess with me // I’m a big boy now and I’m very scary,” from his song “Boys Will Be Bugs,” and “Are you tired of me yet? // I’m a little sick right now // But I swear // When I’m ready I will fly us out of here,” from “This Is Home” have gone viral on TikTok.

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