Woodstock 50 Years Later

Woodstock 50 Years Later: 50 Years of Peace and Music

4. No, Bob Dylan Was Never Really Going to Play the Original Woodstock… but Johnny Cash May Have Played in ‘94.

Though he is an icon of the 1960s music scene and a resident of the Woodstock area, Bob Dylan was set to attend the Isle of Wight Festival of Music in 1969 instead and was notably rather unhappy with the hippie crowd that was starting to peruse Woodstock.

However, the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash was actually in talks to play at Woodstock ‘94 and only declined once he was informed he wouldn’t be playing the main stage. Interestingly enough, Dylan did end up playing at Woodstock ‘94, and his performance was considered one of the best moments of the festival (and his career).


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