Normani Drops “Motivation,” Her First Solo Song Since Fifth Harmony’s End

Former girl-group member Normani, has released her first solo project since the end of Fifth Harmony. Since the group’s end, Normani has made a name for herself without Fifth Harmony through successful collaborations with Sam Smith, Khalid and 6LACK. But this is the first time we’re experiencing Normani completely solo.

The single is called “Motivation” and it’s a tribute to the ’90s pop Normani grew up loving. Everything about the song is dedicated to the era, from the song itself, the single artwork and the dance-focused music video. The single cover shows a striking Normani with low-rise, light-washed jeans and lots of sparkle. It’s almost campy in its unapologetic replica of iconic ’90s R&B and pop stars. As always, nostalgia is in style and Normani is tapping into it perfectly.

The song is fairly simple, but has a beat that will be stuck in your head for days. It’s catchy, fun and R&B-inspired. It was co-written by Normani herself, along with other notable names: mega pop producer Max Martin and mega pop star Ariana Grande. Normani just finished opening for Grande’s North American leg of the Sweetener Tour and “Motivation” was made during their time on tour together. Grande and Normani are now more than just tourmates; they’re collaborators.

The music video, directed by Dave Myers and Daniel Russell, is right out of a “Step Up” movie. It’s full of elaborate and impressive dance sequences in the city streets. The video begins with a young Normani rushing in the house to watch current day Normani’s music video on the television. There’s an airbrushed “1996” on Normani’s cropped shirt — a tribute to the year she was born. The music video fits “Motivation” well, serving us ’90s aesthetic and creative dancing that shows Normani’s talent.

We might have thought we knew Normani before “Motivation,” but she’s just getting started, showing us her true artistry. Normani took her time after Fifth Harmony to decide what she wanted to be as a solo artist and after hearing “Motivation,” the wait was well worth it.

Watch the music video for “Motivation” below:

Featured Image: Keep Cool/RCA Records