The Neighbourhood Release Dreamy, Peaceful Single “Middle of Somewhere”

The Neighbourhood is back with a brand new single titled “Middle of Somewhere,” making it their first release of 2019. This new track follows up the band’s Hard To Imagine The Neighbourhood Ever Changing album they released last year. The new single’s a slow-paced song with an acoustic feel that really showcases Jesse Rutherford‘s vocal abilities.

The song exhibits themes of trying to find peace of mind and living in the moment. The song opens up with Rutherford singing the chorus, which goes, “I was on the outside looking in / Now I’m on the inside / Tryna stay out of my head / I need peace of mind.” Jesse had taken to Instagram to talk about the moment he realized how important this song was to him and what inspired him to make the music video for the single.

The music video for “Middle of Somewhere” is the kind of video to put you in a trance. In the video we see Rutherford wandering around the hills of California dressed head to toe in silver glittery attire. The film the video was shot on gives the video a vintage feel, adding up to Jesse’s vision of making the song shine as bright as possible.

In addition to “Middle of Somewhere” being the name of The Neighbourhood’s latest single, it’s also the name of the tour they most recently announced. The band will be on tour this fall and we would definitely recommend going to a show if they’re playing near you! We are super excited about this release and can’t wait to see what else the band surprises us with this year. Check out the video for “Middle of Somewhere” below and leave a comment to let us know your thoughts on this new single!

Featured Image: Instagram (@jesserutherford)