New Single From Grandson Hits “Rock Bottom”

This week, alt-artist Grandson released his highly anticipated single “Rock Bottom.” The gritty track is the first release since the singer’s EP, A Modern Tragedy, Vol.2., in February.

“Rock Bottom” discusses just that. “Tell me how did we get here? // And where the fuck do we go now,” he questions in the chorus. The lyrics speak to those around his age now—he thoughts of the generation before us on how we should live our lives. “Everybody told me ever since I was young // I should bite my tongue // Couple kids, picket fence // Maybe earn a nice income.”

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He highlights the goals that parents and neighbors set out for the ones younger than them. But Grandson explores that these goals aren’t as easily attainable as we and they may think. And, instead, finds himself at rock bottom instead.

Grandson isn’t one to shy away from the problems of his generation. His track “Blood//Water” discusses political corruption while “Thoughts & Prayers” critiques gun laws in America. These are issues that today’s youth are growing up and living with. It’s artists like Grandson that don’t shy away from discussing these issues that are needed in today’s political climate.

His next EP, A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3, is set to drop September 13 via Fueled by Ramen. In the meantime, the alt-punk singer is embarking on a U.S. tour. The Beginning of the End Tour kicks off this September in Minneapolis.

Continuing his involvement in social issues, a portion of the proceeds from his VIP meet and greet will be donated to his XX RESISTANCE fund. XX RESISTANCE is an empowerment movement to inspire and connect passionate youths with ways to get involved with issues that they care about.

Check out the single below!

Featured Image: Fueled by Ramen