musicians obsessed with lizzo

10 Musicians Who Are Just as Obsessed With Lizzo as We Are

musicians obsessed with lizzo

This year, singer and rapper Lizzo took the world by storm with the success of her most recent album Cuz I Love You and soon began making appearances everywhere (including performances at the BET Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards as well as pride and festival season).

The basis of Lizzo’s message is very clear; she preaches self-acceptance, empowerment, and not giving AF about how others view her. This Houston-native’s music is very inclusive as she touches on experiences of love, heartbreak and “situationships,” as well as deeper topics of diversity and equality. More specifically, Cuz I Love You narrates Lizzo’s journey to finding self-love and realizing that it’s perfectly OK to be your own “soulmate.”

What we LOVE about Lizzo is that she is like no other… and we need more figures like her in mainstream music. Her presence is striking and bold in addition to her loud and proud voice, and many of her fellow musicians feel the same.

Featured Image: Instagram (@lizzobeeating)

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