Taylor Swift "Lover" Music Video

Taylor Swift Takes Romance to New Heights in “Lover” Music Video

Just a few days ago, Taylor Swift released the official music video for her new single “Lover,” preceding her highly anticipated seventh studio album, Lover. This title track stands out from the rest of the album due to its romantic, waltzy composition, which is highlighted even more in the fantasy-like music video.

One of the first things to notice about the visual concepts presented in “Lover” is how colors are utilized in each scene. Swift has been known to play with the imagery of colors in her music, such as her 2012 single “Red.” In this particular video, Swift matches colors to her emotions to reflect the true beauty of the song and how she views life with her partner of three years, Joe Alwyn. In fact, every single scene is decorated with a monochromatic style to portray all the ups and downs of being in a long-term relationship.

The “Lover” video opens with a little girl opening up a gift on Christmas Day. As she unwraps a snow globe, the camera pans closer to reveal what’s inside. Soon the directors take us through a flashback of Swift’s relationship with her lover and walks us through various scenes of their lives. The snow globe gift is a huge reference in this plot because it’s actually connected to some of Swift’s previous work. During Swift’s Lover Lounge, she shared that the concept for the music video originated from a lyric in her 1989 bonus track “You Are In Love”: “And so it goes / You two are dancing in a snow globe, ’round and ’round.”


There’s a nice range of creative shots in the video that make this project enticing. Swift’s shown dancing with her partner in the living room, playing the drums and swimming in a fish tank in an entirely blue bathroom. What keeps us on our toes is that the video shows viewers all of the highlights from Swift’s love with a few abstract twists. Not only is Swift shown swimming in a giant fish tank, but she’s also seen sitting on the ceiling playing board games. These visual concepts mesh reality and fantasy together, which is exactly how Swift feels being in love with her partner.

This creative piece closes with Swift and her partner slow dancing in a room wrapped with twinkling lights, then pans out to the little girl looking through the snow globe on Christmas Day. At the very end of the video, the camera reveals that the little girl is Swift’s daughter and the snow globe gift signifies the love her family has built together. This video in its entirety is as beautifully delicate as it’s visually appealing.

Pssst… be sure to stream the rest of Swift’s full-length album Lover, which is out now!

Featured Image: Taylor Swift Vevo

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