Orlando Bloom Opens Up About Engagement to Katy Perry: “It’s a Mountain to Climb”

Relationships require hard work, but result in both big and little moments of joy. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are proving this statement to be true. They may be an unlikely duo, but they continue to prove they were made for each other. In a recent interview with Willie Geist on Sunday Today, Bloom spoke out about his relationship. He said things such as “I’ve been married and divorced before and don’t want to do it again.” Hollywood has a trend of stars rushing into engagements and weddings, but Katy and Orlando are doing things differently. Hopefully these two have found the key to a healthy relationship.


Additionally, Orlando said in the interview that the relationship is “a mountain to climb.” They are taking the steps to build a strong foundation. The two stars often spend time apart with tour and filming schedules. However, they find time to go on adventures together. As Orlando puts it, “She loves a big moment. I’m still trying to get her to wrestle in the small moments.” Their proposal via helicopter may have been over-the-top, but Katy often speaks of them being a goofy, normal couple at home, during interviews.

The two are really learning to evolve and take on things both big and small together. Orlando’s interview shows a good example of a healthy relationship where two people want to grow as a team. We have a lot of respect for these two and how down-to-earth they are taking things. Although we can’t wait to see how lavish their wedding is, we can’t wait to continue supporting their journey.

Featured Image: Instagram (@orlandobloom)

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