Mura Masa and Clairo’s Music Video for “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again” Is a Time Warp

As her red hair blows in the breeze of a summer evening, Clairo sings softly in the opening of the “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again” singe, which will be featured on producer Mura Masa upcoming LP.

The video, directed by Thomas Hardiman, is full of trippy time effects. It shows kids enjoying summer nights in the countryside while their bodies warp and twist away from one another, and the soft country background is reminiscent of the carefree childhood summers we used to know. As their bodies warp, so do their lives — growing up, changing, twisting and trying to understand time.

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“The grass is always green, but why did it used to feel // So much softer, longer, sweeter, cleaner than this?” Clairo asks in one of the verses. Like the rest of us, she wonders when summer lost its innocence. And after reflecting on a past love with lyrics like, “And I’ve been thinking of you in my room. Do you remember it too?” the indie star decides that things are just too different now than they were back then. “I don’t think I can do this again,” she croons.

The sound intensifies as the track builds, truly morphing from a soft pop track to a rock-electronic mix. The single is out only a month after Clairo’s debut album, Immunity, and collaborating on this was a really special experience for her. Clairo explained her excitement on Twitter.

“This mura masa song is a really special one for me,” she wrote. I’ve been a fan of his for years- but working together, hearing his ideas and seeing this song come to life was a whole other beautiful experience i was lucky to be a part of. comes out wednesday let’s go !”

Clairo is non-stop right now. On Twitter, she teased “2 songs in September,” so fans better prepare for more. She’s currently on tour opening for pop star Khalid and is embarking on her own tour this coming fall.

This latest single is an exciting look into the future of electronic-rock — big house beats over the soft vocal of a rising indie star. This collaboration is on the type of fire that won’t be put out anytime soon. Check out the video HERE:

Featured Image: Anchor Point Records/Universal Music