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Cigarettes After Sex Release a “Heavenly” New Single

Dream-pop band Cigarettes After Sex has returned with their first musical release of 2019, a new lulling single titled “Heavenly.” In addition to this new release, frontman Greg Gonzalez recently announced that the track will be featured on the band’s upcoming sophomore album Cry, which is set to drop October 25.

“Heavenly” is exactly how we would expect Cigarettes After Sex to prelude the new sounds of their long-awaited sophomore album. The single puts a fresh spin on their signature style: a slowcore pop-indie-rock crossover. The lyrics to “Heavenly” are written to be very simple and poetic.

Gonzalez sings about his appreciation of love, describing the intimate space with his partner as where he “wants to be, where it’s so sweet and heavenly.” He goes on to admire his partner, yet romanticizes the act of being needy. He shares that being with this person is like a dream. He closes up the track singing “And when you’re far away I still feel it all // And when you’re far away I still feel it all the same.”

Looking deeper into the new album, Gonzalez shares that it was inspired by films from Éric Rohmer, as well as some of the legendary songs by Selena and Shania Twain. These influences are already so prevalent in the band’s first single from Cry, focusing on a more romantic and emotionally vulnerable side of their work. After our first impression of “Heavenly,” we cannot wait to hear the band’s full project in its entirety!


Stream “Heavenly” now, and be sure to catch Cigarettes After Sex’s upcoming world tour! Show dates will be listed here.

Featured Image: Partisan Records

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